Physiotherapy for a full and active life!

If you didn’t get to see June’s issue of the free Cairns Life magazine, read Suzanne’s physiotherapy article here!

Who has seen the meme saying “Exercise is the most potent anti-depressant. And it’s free” ? If you haven’t, you’ve more than likely seen any one of a series of other humorous or inspirational posts reminding you of the importance of exercise. It’s true- amongst its many benefits exercise can help to prevent against numerous types of cancer, diabetes, heart and lung diseases, as well as alleviating stress, increasing endorphins and preventing cognitive decline. For some people, it can often be one of the hardest things to start doing, particularly if you’re in pain. As a physiotherapist who also holds a masters in Sport and Exercise Medicine, Suzanne Rath uses exercise for lots of reasons. There’s the clients before and after orthopaedic surgery, who need to maximise their strength and movement so they’ll get back to what they enjoy doing as soon as possible. Clinical Pilates has a range of benefits, including improved core strength, pain relief and alterations in neural patterning. Then there’s a huge range of ‘rehab exercises,’ depending on your particular muscle imbalances or joint issues. Suzanne understands that rehab exercises are boring- that’s why she will work around your lifestyle. If you have a personal trainer, Suzanne will chat with them to ensure you’re doing the correct exercises and avoiding re-injury. If you need massage or other therapies, she will recommend a great practitioner suited to your needs. At Wellness Embodied, the focus is not just on Suzanne’s skilled injury diagnoses and range of hands on therapies (which include joint mobilisations, medical acupuncture and taping) but also on empowering you. Wellness Embodied are delighted to announce a series of upcoming workshops and free events to help you get back to full wellbeing! Walk into Wellness: Free Weekly Walks. Suitable for those recovering from injury or illness, these social walks will be a typical ‘out and back’, every Wednesday at 7am from Muddy’s Cafe (this venue may change later based on group preference- please contact Suzanne if you’re unsure!). We’ll aim to cover 2-4km and walk at the pace of the slowest person, but anyone can opt out and rest until the group picks them up on the way back. Followed by coffee and chat- a great opportunity to ask those physiotherapy related questions!

“The Connection”- Free documentary screening, 6pm June 1st @ Wellness Embodied. The Connection is a documentary by health journalist Shannon Harvey, who was diagnosed with a serious autoimmune condition at the age of 24. She embarked on a journey to speak with renowned doctors, professors and others in science and medicine and on the way learnt the connection between the power of the mind and the functions of our body. As the film is in line with the philosophies of Wellness Embodied- where we want to empower our clients to lead better, self-managed, less painful lives- Suzanne is organising a free screening on June 1st at 6pm. “Tape Yourself”- workshops Save money, prevent further injury, decrease pain, maximise your rehab potential and accelerate your return to activity by learning to tape yourself in these hour long workshops, coming soon. More information and expressions of interest on the website.

​Beat Procrastination- Free Hour Long Workshop with coach Michelle Lawrie. Discover how to live a more focussed and energetic life in this free workshop to be held in the evening of 14th June. More details coming soon. For information on any of these events or to book a session with Suzanne, get in touch at any time using the contact details. Have a well month!


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