Dreaming Rights

Tom E Lewis is generous with his time and his tales. On a sunny day in the dry-season he sits cross-legged on the grass outside the Katherine visitor centre with me for more than an hour, pausing only to greet fellow country-men as they pass.

Their regard for him is palpable, yet it’s hard fought. Mr Lewis grew up as Murrungen, the son of an Aboriginal mother and Welsh father. Growing up in the bush led him to have a particular connection to country and the stories that belong to it.

‘I’m part of it. I belong to this country. So when you come to the country, the story’s already in you,’ he says.

One such dreaming story is that of Namorrodor, which was featured in the ABC’s Dust Echoes series in 2007.

Several years ago, Lewis was approached by the creators of Cleverman, to whom he retold the story.

The show premiered on ABC and Sundance TV earlier this year, but according to Lewis he was only aware of it when he saw the trailer.

Read the rest of the article at http://artsonline.monash.edu.au/melbourne-tribune/dreaming-rights/


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