The Women- Review

First up, it must be said that The Women is a big play. It has a running time of 2 hours and ten minutes, including interval. It has a cast of 18, all of whom make numerous costume changes and perfectly timed entries and exits in order to deliver their hilarious lines. The action takes place on a revolving set which required four people to construct (Tom Bannerman, Rodger Wishart, Christina Hatzis and Tim Cornish) under the guidance of set designer John Cervenka. And let us not forget the characters themselves: from obnoxiously loud socialites like Sylvia Fowler (Jess Loudon) to the brash, love-addicted Countess De Lage (Joy Miller) and the everyday ‘New- Yoickers’ working in Sachs and beauty salons, this is a play full of women who, despite the constraints of their times, are strong and bold. Productions at the New Theatre have never shied away from using the space available to them, and this is certainly no exception.

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