As he tells it, Matty B acknowledged he was a bogan when he realised he owned a ‘going-out’ flanno. Having grown- up in a country town near Newcastle, he makes full use of his upbringing and experiences for his Sydney Comedy Festival show. From stories about growing up with a father who was a Doctor in Psychology, to delivering pizzas while stoned as a seventeen year old boy, the audience members are treated to a range of witty anecdotes and observations over the course of an hour at the Factory Theatre.

To be precise, Philosophical Bogan is actually held in a shipping container in the Factory Theatre’s carpark- a space they’ve imaginatively titled, ‘The Container.’ It’s an interesting venue: small, narrow and dark, but a great space to host Matty’s sharp, fast show. The crowd is an intimate one, many of whom are long-time fans, friends and relatives of the comedian. This serves to heighten the banter: heckling is good natured and despite his self-proclaimed ‘bogan’ tag, Matty is inoffensive and humorous without resorting to drawing on negative experiences of of others around him.



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