If you can’t decide on one comedian to see at the Sydney Comedy Festival this year, Lady Bits is a snappy showcase that lets you see several performers on the same bill. Loani Arman, Celeste Barber and sisters Hannah and Eliza Reilly are four very different comedians who somehow gel in this show.

The evening opens with the four women bounding onto the Factory Floor stage in a refreshing burst of energy. There, they proceed to each act as their own MC, introducing themselves in a self- deprecating fashion, before sitting on the couch to banter. Loani Arman is a writer, actor and performer who quickly tells us she has one child; Celeste Barber, who is also an actor and writer/sketch performer, has two of her own children, as well as two stepchildren. Cue collective internal yawning from sections of the crowd, as we wonder if we’re in for some stereotypical motherhood jokes and brace ourselves for the ‘life’s hard for female comedians’ gig. Thankfully, what follows is much better: the motherhood jokes, as with the Reilly sisters’ dating jokes, are short and hit the spot. In fact, the range of different life experiences present in Lady Bits is what keeps the show relevant to a wide audience.


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